"The future can't be predicted, but it can be envisioned and brought lovingly into being" - Donella Meadows, Dancing with Systems

About the project:

This is an ongoing project that I am working on during my time as Sage Gateshead Artist in Residence. I am attempting to write music and create accompanying visual elements that speaks to a future time of balanced living within the means of our planet. I have been drawing inspiration from the North East coastline - using it as a vantage point for looking out into a limitless blue yonder, with optimism and hope. I've been thinking about our relationship to our local area and the natural world beyond, and how we might draw on it's rhythms and mimic them in our art and society. I've been thinking about artists who build worlds and economists who create diagrams. During my residency I will be updating this website, so please check back to watch the project unfold. - Jayne

Notes on interacting with this website:

Each time you click "continue" you will be taken to another digital artifact or suggested reading/listening in a circular motion (eventually coming back to this page). Some content is randomised, for example one page will show you just one of many diary entries I've written during my residency, so no two trips around the circular website are exactly the same.